"I am human and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does"


NW Maui Golden Hour (Dec 2013)

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Death Proof (2007) Quentin Tarantino

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Lana playing with the Cambo

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I feel uncomfortable with what my sister just told me. I called to ask where she and my other sister was at because I’m watching my nieces,it’s late, and I have school tomorrow. 

I was told that my oldest sister was finishing her wine with a friend, george, and that she was having a conversation about me to him.

She has not once been there for me for my relationships. When she found out I was gay she fed me the ‘i’m going to hell’ speech and I turned away from my beliefs as a christian for good. 

So, her friend George is a gay male. They talked about how being gay is a choice. I understand where they’re coming from with this notion. I took a psych class that explained how you’re gay by influences or life experiences you have. It doesn’t mean molestation, rape, or anything like that turns you gay. It’s just the theory that people get influenced in different ways. Just like how people are influenced to be straight.

Then I guess she started talking about my relationships. I am a very private person when it comes to relationships. Especially to her. She doesn’t know ANYTHING about my ex girlfriends. She sure as hell knows nothing about my long term relationship that ended last year. So for her to sit there and talk about it like she was there for me really churned my stomach. 

She twists and lies about the truth. I hate it. So for this man to have an image of me before he even meets me is really getting me upset.

Why would she talk about me and being gay as if she has any clue? and then for her to talk to another gay person about it as if she’s an ally?

She’s anything but. I am pained every day with being shoved in a closet because she doesn’t want her kids to be exposed to it. Her kids that I’ve quit my job for. Her kids that I babysit every fucking day for free. Her kids that see homosexuality as embarrassing and disgusting. How can she sit there and fucking act like she has a clue of what it was like breaking up with someone that fought through everything to stay together? 

I’m disgusted. I don’t know how I can just accept family for who they are if they do shit like this.

My dad thought racism wasn’t a problem until ferguson.

"I guess there are still racial problems huh?"

He has constantly voiced his opinion that it’s black people that make everything suddenly racist and the minute they say ‘racist’ it’s like when people used to accuse people of being a witch.

Ferguson has been an eye opener for him and the on going racism in our country. 


William Rose
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Women with big hair >


Brother Malcolm, yall…

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American Black Bear. A familiar sight in Yellowstone National Park - bear begging for food.




tell me again how amazing this country is. remind me of the ‘freedom’ and ‘justice’ we supposedly have because I’m not seeing any of it here

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